Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our first visit to the ER

It was inevitable... Max is a boy and it was bound to happen. I just did not expect it so soon and for something not really adventure-related.

Max found a way to pin his leg under an 81 pound box. Yup, we apparently left an 81 pound box leaning in such a way that Max, who is just over 20 pounds could move it. I could barely move it myself, I have no idea how he could have!

As a parent, I try really hard to think of everything that Max could possibly do to harm himself and then prevent it (hahaha, I know, reality bites because it is definitely an unreal expectation to put on myself, but I'm still going to try)... so there is no amount of reasoning that could possibly alleviate the guilt from something like this.

I know, boys will be boys. Uuggh!

As for the hospital, I am thankful that the wait was not long, the staff were fabulous, the xrays of his hip and leg were clear and Max, 24 hours later is walking with just a slight limp. He's not entirely himself, but who would be after all that?

Max was unable to walk on it and was crying in pain, so we did the right thing. Hopefully it was just soft tissue and will be fine. My only worry at this point is that the xrays did not show his ankle or foot, so there could be a problem in there. This morning, as Max got up and tried to walk but collapsed on it the first couple of times I was still worried. But, now that Max has started to walk on it, I am a little less worried.

So, with Max on the mend, I can safely say the first hospital visit is behind us. Yay!

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