Monday, May 25, 2009

The Power of Twitter

There are a ton of things I keep planning on writing about Life with Max, but I found myself eating breakfast and twittering while Max and I look at the various birds out the window. I look up pictures of birds on the computer and see if they look the same. I'm sure he doesn't get it, but it's fun and he loves looking at the lap top screen and pointing at the birds on it and then looking at the birds outside and shouting, "bird" with such excitement (I wish I knew what he was thinking).

Anyhow, as I am cruising through Twitter, I come across this tweet:

From ThingsMomsLike: RT @sandierpastures: Help a fellow Twitter-er whose son is battling cancer please do at pls RT

For those of you not on Twitter:
RT= retweet (so copy it and send it on)
@sandierpastures (this is who ThingsMomsLike got it from) (this is a short version of the website and it doesn't always work, so I've attached the longer version below)
pls RT = please retweet (send it on)

I don't click on every single tweet that comes up, and I don't follow every single person that follows me. I don't know ThingsMomsLike, but she's a Mom from the US somewhere and tends to post some interesting thing. With tweetdeck I can click on the link and it shows me the long address, when I clicked on it and saw that it was another momblog, I thought that I would check it out. Sometimes it takes us a while to eat.

It's probably because Max is approaching 2, that I can relate. It brought tears to my eyes and a horrible feeling in my tummy. Yes, I am one of those crazy people that worries about what "could" happen to my son and I am so so so grateful that we are all healthy. I also know that could change in an instant.

Why do I write about this? I don't actually know any of these people... but I do believe in karma and I do believe that if anything were to ever happen to Max, I would reach out to the people that I "tweet" with and "facebook" with and who read my blog. It may seem strange to some people, but as impersonal as it may seem, these are people that I tweet with regularly and I quite often have more contact with them than I do with a lot of our family. If there is even just one person out there that clicks on the link because of my blog, my tweet or my facebook status, then I feel like I have done something to help.

So please, click on the link (or don't), but definitely pass it on, blog about it, tweet about it, link it on your facebook page or your webpage. Please do any of it to help a fellow mom who is going through unimaginable things right now.

I started out this blog by implying that it isn't about my Life with Max. This is very much about my Life with Max, I would have retweeted this before I had Max (IF there had been Twitter and I had been Twitter-ing), but I don't think I would have had contact with the people I do if it wasn't for Max.

Spend some time today thinking about what you're grateful for and don't forget to tell your loved ones that you love them!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Maplewood Farm

The last day of our long weekend. We decided to go to Maplewood Farms. We were there before Maplewood Farms even opened, so we went to the playground and played on the swings. It was considerably cooler than it had been for the rest of the weekend, but we still made it there and back home before it started to rain.

We had a fun day with Max, as he identified animals and told us the various sounds that they make. We fed a bunny, pet some goats, some sheep, saw some baby lambs, a peacock, horses, and lots of birds!

Chickens! Just roaming around and clucking!
Hanging out with the goats and the sheep. Max was not too sure about this area.

the babies...

feeding the bunnies

a little bit of running around with Dad

"Hey Dad, hurry up!"

After a few bonks... Max figured out a better way to get through the little tunnel.

a little rock climbing.

We've been going to Maplewood Farms since Max was really little and it's been amazing to see how he has changed and how all the animals have changed.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

May long weekend

I know the weekend is not over yet, but I wanted to post about some of our fun while I had the time to wait for the pictures to load. They seem to take forever some times and I'm multi-tasking while watching a weird Keanu Reeves movie with Ross. Heehee, happy birthday Ross! I know it was 2 days ago, but this is the first night we have gotten a chance to sit down. We had a great dinner together, all 3 of us and Max ate 1/2 a hamburger (in a whole grain pita pocket) all by himself! It was great fun. Ross and I are working on plans to do a dinner & movie date when the new Terminator movie comes out. Should be fun!

Friday night I had a lacrosse game (that was the night of Ross's actual birthday), so I was out until late, but I brought home a big watermelon for him (it's what he wanted) and it was on top of the birthday gift that Max and I got him earlier in the day.

It is the season of Farmer's Markets! They opened last weekend and we did not have time to go, so Max and I drove out to Trout Lake for the 9am start. Well, we tried to make it for the 9 am start. Unfortunately, there was no parking, so we ended up a little bit late... more like 910am and it was busy! I think in the future we will probably park around the lake and go for a little walk before we go. Oh yeah, and take the Ergo Carrier, that would be a great idea too. It's so busy with people and dogs that Max was a little overwhelmed to walk on his own. Of course, no pictures, with just the two of us. We did a whole lot of errands while we let Dad sleep in (another late birthday present), Freybe and then came home to find out that Dad was awake. A nice quick walk to the Lonsdale Quay famer's market with Dad for vegetables!

1, 2, 3, jump! One of Max's favourite things to do while walking.

A late afternoon walk at Ambleside, what a gorgeous day!

I wanted a picture of the Lions Gate Brige and Stanley Park in the background, so I got a few. I don't think anything Max is wearing matches, except for his cool shorts that Grandma & Grandpa brought back from Hawaii and his cool flip flops. I try to make sure he sort of matches, most of the time, but today, his dad dressed him (heehee). Poor Max.

"Cheese", on the swings. Oh yeah, I had to switch his hat to a smaller one, the other one kept blowing off in the wind. This one has red lobsters on it and also, doesn't match at all - sorry Max.

and nearing the end of our walk, Max's preferred mode of transportation - Dad's shoulders.

We got home to get dinner ready and Max disappeared. I was cutting up vegetables and he came out with his big bear. So cute!

and then it became a game for mum to get a picture.

Max likes to move a chair over to the counter so that he can play beside me while I prepare food or clean up. Today, he was getting a chair for a different reason...

What a fun day, I wanted to post some pictures of it. I'm not sure what we'll get up to for Monday, but hopefully I'll get some fun pictures to post.

Children's Festival

Max and I went to the Children's Festival instead of swimming this week. We spent most of our time in the pre-school tent, the rest of the time involved a whole lot of running and me trying to catch up to Max... so all the pictures are from there.

We went to visit the music tent and saw Kerry from our "Music with Kerry" class but there were a lot of big kids in there and it was really loud, so Max just stared and then eventually asked to be picked up.

When Max started getting tired, I had him in the Baby Ergo Carrier, I love it!

Playing with the cars.

and then we found the water!

I'm not sure why Max is sticking his tongue out, but it seems to be a trend today.

There's the tongue again, heehee.

Baby Eats!

Not the best picture, but I'm working on it. Max and Jaxson playing together.

We had a visit with Sayaka, Brady and Jaxson at BabyEats in Lynn Valley. It was definitely an interesting time. We ended up there for hours, partially because the kids were having so much fun, but also because our waitress was rather busy and did not get around to taking our meal order, bringing our drinks or packing up what was left of the kids meals.

It was interesting to hear about the changes they may be making, putting up a little bit of a wall, putting in booths and making into more of a restaurant. Just when we got around to going! I look forward to seeing what exactly changes and how it looks. In the mean time, it was a great opportunity for the kids to play and the parents to sit back and chat. Melissa and Brandon came out to visit for a bit, unfortunately I didn't get any photos of Brandon.

Sayaka & Brady getting ready to leave.

Max playing, but you can see Jaxson there in the back ground pushing one of the carts.

They played very well together and I'm pertty sure a good time was had by all. Looking forward to going back there again soon.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

My second Mother's day... and it was beautiful! Although the morning started off a little early, Ross got up with Max and we all had breakfast together. I wish I had a picture of Max giving me 1/2 of my mother's day present and then running off with the other half. He was so cute.

We were then off for a little walk to the park!
Max and I played on the swings.

and he played on the slide with Dad.
and then, more swinging.

and then a leisurely stroll home.

We spent the afternoon gardening at Grandma's and I was too busy pulling weeds and getting dirty to take any pictures. It was too bad, Max walked up the stairs, one at a time without crawling and I missed it! I'll have to get a picture sometime soon, one day when I'm not holding on to his hands!

We got sushi from this FABULOUS new place on east 2nd St. Saru Sushi They've only been open since May 1st and they aren't usually open on Sunday's, but decided to try it for Mother's Day. I'm so glad we found out, it meant I didn't have to cook (which I probably wouldn't have had to) and I definitely didn't have to clean up! Even better!


Max wanted to eat the lemon, so Dad peeled it for him.

and this is lemon face... heeheehee, so funny.
The part that was even more funny, was that Max continued to eat the lemon and make lemon face...

and then he wanted soup.

"Yummy, yummy soup."

Grandpa has been bugging me, saying Max looks like one of the Beatles. So, we finally decided to cut Max's hair. You'd think I would have learned after last time... but apparently not.

This is the view of the side that I started with. I didn't realize the guard was so low on the clippers. Oops. Dad fixed it, now it's all pretty short, but this is the shortest and most bizarre looking part.
This is the good side, that Dad did, well, it was long enough that he could fi it and make it even.

Short-hair boy!
and only one little problem... Dad tried to cut off Max's ear. It's a good thing this happened later, I thought that the clippers wouldn't do that and now that I know, I'm not sure we are going to be using the clippers again.

What a fabulous Mother's Day! I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful day with my family.