Friday, February 27, 2009

Nap time

After a great day at the pool, we come home for a nap.

Today's nap was especially memorable because it was the second time something notable happened. Max WANTED to go to sleep. He used to hate going to bed, but the last 2 times I put him down, it was great. I usually stay with him for a bit and rub his head or his back but this time, he took my hand and moved it and then waved at me (with his head still down on his bed) and said "bye bye". I took that as my cue to leave, he was ready to sleep.

Yay! I'm going to take advantage of the time and get some work done.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ice Skating

So, we wanted to try ice skating with Max. I got him some of those double bladed skates (under $10 at Canadian Tire) and we brought him to the pre-school skate. Ross had the day off, so it was nice to do something different with all of us. So, we got ready...

Gloves, mitts, jacket, skates. All ready to go!

So, Max freaked out on the ice and we put him in a chair. They don't allow you to pick them up on the ice (very good idea, especially since falling from up in our arms could cause a whole lot more damage). This is Max and Ross "chatting" about ice skating. Well, Ross is trying to calm Max down and convince him that everything is okay. Max isn't buying that at all. In fact, Max is saying "up, pees. Up, pees." (pees=please).

It didn't help that there was a kid just outside the rink bleeding, with his two front teeth pushed in after falling on the ice. His mom was on the phone with his dad and the dentist as we came off the ice with Max, a few minutes later.

Here I am trying to talk Max into standing. After being on the ice he did not want to stand at all, just wanted to be up with me. He was not happy the minute his feet were on the floor.

So, our first ice skating trip did not go as well as I thought it would. I have to remember that Max has only been walking for a few months, so ice makes him even more unstable. Hopefully it will go better next time and Max and I can work on our skating together.

The last picture is just a neat one I took of Max with Brandon this afternoon. Max is putting the phone to Brandon's ear the same way that I put it to his whenever someone wants to talk to him. They are so cute!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I hope...

I hope that Max is not getting sick again.

I talked to daycare a couple of times today. Once this morning when they let me know that although Max seemed happy and playful, his stomach was upset. The second time I spoke with them it was to let me know he was sleeping, but he had eaten nothing at lunch. The worst part is, he refused to eat anything for the rest of the day too. Now, Max is not much of an eater to begin with, but this is a little bit extreme.

He runs around (without a limp now!) and laughs and plays, and drinks milk.

Hopefully he will be fine in the morning, after a good night's sleep. It's the good night's sleep that I am hoping for. For Max and for us...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our first visit to the ER

It was inevitable... Max is a boy and it was bound to happen. I just did not expect it so soon and for something not really adventure-related.

Max found a way to pin his leg under an 81 pound box. Yup, we apparently left an 81 pound box leaning in such a way that Max, who is just over 20 pounds could move it. I could barely move it myself, I have no idea how he could have!

As a parent, I try really hard to think of everything that Max could possibly do to harm himself and then prevent it (hahaha, I know, reality bites because it is definitely an unreal expectation to put on myself, but I'm still going to try)... so there is no amount of reasoning that could possibly alleviate the guilt from something like this.

I know, boys will be boys. Uuggh!

As for the hospital, I am thankful that the wait was not long, the staff were fabulous, the xrays of his hip and leg were clear and Max, 24 hours later is walking with just a slight limp. He's not entirely himself, but who would be after all that?

Max was unable to walk on it and was crying in pain, so we did the right thing. Hopefully it was just soft tissue and will be fine. My only worry at this point is that the xrays did not show his ankle or foot, so there could be a problem in there. This morning, as Max got up and tried to walk but collapsed on it the first couple of times I was still worried. But, now that Max has started to walk on it, I am a little less worried.

So, with Max on the mend, I can safely say the first hospital visit is behind us. Yay!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Domestic Day

I can honestly say I never would have expected to spend a day like this... well, to feel like I accomplished so much, while still getting to spend quality time with Max.

1. Sorted laundry, 5 loads.
2. Changed the bed sheets & flipped the mattress.
3. Stain removal (this takes more time than one would expect).
4. Dishes ( a few times).
5. Shopping list .
6. Delegate shopping - yay and thanks Ross!
7. Remove blinds, clean, dry and put back up.
8. Sweep and wash the floor after dinner.
9. Make rice krispie squares.
10. 4 loads of laundry in the wash & the dryer(the sheets will have to wait).
11. Folded & put away 4 loads of laundry.

We got to play on the bed while we changed the sheets and flipped the mattress, which was a treat and involved a lot of giggling. It was also nice that Max played with his trucks on the table while I cleaned the blinds. We had lots of together fun time today and it was a great day all around, yay!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My sister is amazing.

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted anything. Well, I've been sick, Max has been sick and then I got sick again and Max is still coughing. But I feel like things are starting to get a little bit back to normal. Well, as normal as it will ever get in our ever-changing world.

Unfortunately Max got sick while at daycare a couple of weeks ago. I was working and received a phone call that he had been throwing up. Poor Max, he was not much of a spit-up baby, so I'm sure it was not fun for him. He does not throw up very often. When they phoned again and said it had happened three times, I left work to pick him up.

The crummy thing is, I was in the middle of training for one of the Olympic test-run events. A little bit of a big deal and not something that could easily be changed. I phoned a couple of friends and family members to see if anyone might be around, to sit at home with Max (actually, while Max slept) for a few hours. What I should also mention, is that the organizers of my training event phoned and let me know that they would make due without me and find a way to do my training either later on that evening or early the next morning, before the event was running. It would make for a longer day for everyone, but I am so thankful it was an option.

Before they had phoned, one of my calls was to my sister (on the off chance that her and Brandon did not have any plans that day, I wasn't sure if they might want to come and play at my house for a bit). Brandon is almost 8 months old (I think, but I should really write these things down).

Anyhow, she was just waiting for her lunch and about to head to a massage and offered to leave her lunch, find a way to get someone else to take her massage, and be over shortly to stay with Max. Whoa! My sister was going to drop everything to help me out, and I think that is amazing! I love my sister so much. I am so glad that she did not need to do that, but am so touched that it was an option. Of course I would do the same for her, but I still think she is amazing for offering.

It just reminds me of how lucky and grateful I am to have some of my family close by. Between my sister & Kyle and my mum & Sir, I don't think a day goes by that I don't talk to one of them at some point. They are such a huge part of our lives and so important to us. I am so glad that they are such an active and integral part of Max's life too, thanks guys!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Learning new words!

Max can repeat almost anything we say... IF he wants to.

He also really likes to talk on the phone, he just doesn't always do it if there is another person on the other end. It's quite funny sometimes. The other day Max was talking away and brought me the cordless phone (will I ever learn to put it out of his reach? We haven't had any 9-1-1 or international long distance calls yet, so hopefully I will, before that happens). He was saying "Da-da, Da-da, Da-da". Dad was busy working, and Grandma and Grandpa weren't home. I looked at the time and realized that Poppa and Oma might be home. So we tried and actually got through!

I miss my Dad and Maryka a lot some days and I really wish they were closer so they could spend more time with Max and see all the cool changes that we get to see every day and every week. I'm so glad that Max wanted to chat and talked to Poppa. As my dad tried to get Max to say "Poppa", he actually said it! It was really cool that it worked out that way and I am so happy that my Dad got to hear all that.

Later, explaining it to Ross, Max could hear me and started saying "Poppa, poppa, poppa".

Max can say all kinds of words now, but not all of them get connected to what they really mean.

Some the words so far: Puppy, apple, da-da, mum or mama, truck, duck, bath, baby, yup, bye, cat, up, down, water and I can't think of all the others right now.

I should probably write this stuff down in a baby book somewhere. Oh boy, that's a whole other topic.