Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ice Skating

So, we wanted to try ice skating with Max. I got him some of those double bladed skates (under $10 at Canadian Tire) and we brought him to the pre-school skate. Ross had the day off, so it was nice to do something different with all of us. So, we got ready...

Gloves, mitts, jacket, skates. All ready to go!

So, Max freaked out on the ice and we put him in a chair. They don't allow you to pick them up on the ice (very good idea, especially since falling from up in our arms could cause a whole lot more damage). This is Max and Ross "chatting" about ice skating. Well, Ross is trying to calm Max down and convince him that everything is okay. Max isn't buying that at all. In fact, Max is saying "up, pees. Up, pees." (pees=please).

It didn't help that there was a kid just outside the rink bleeding, with his two front teeth pushed in after falling on the ice. His mom was on the phone with his dad and the dentist as we came off the ice with Max, a few minutes later.

Here I am trying to talk Max into standing. After being on the ice he did not want to stand at all, just wanted to be up with me. He was not happy the minute his feet were on the floor.

So, our first ice skating trip did not go as well as I thought it would. I have to remember that Max has only been walking for a few months, so ice makes him even more unstable. Hopefully it will go better next time and Max and I can work on our skating together.

The last picture is just a neat one I took of Max with Brandon this afternoon. Max is putting the phone to Brandon's ear the same way that I put it to his whenever someone wants to talk to him. They are so cute!

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