Monday, May 25, 2009

The Power of Twitter

There are a ton of things I keep planning on writing about Life with Max, but I found myself eating breakfast and twittering while Max and I look at the various birds out the window. I look up pictures of birds on the computer and see if they look the same. I'm sure he doesn't get it, but it's fun and he loves looking at the lap top screen and pointing at the birds on it and then looking at the birds outside and shouting, "bird" with such excitement (I wish I knew what he was thinking).

Anyhow, as I am cruising through Twitter, I come across this tweet:

From ThingsMomsLike: RT @sandierpastures: Help a fellow Twitter-er whose son is battling cancer please do at pls RT

For those of you not on Twitter:
RT= retweet (so copy it and send it on)
@sandierpastures (this is who ThingsMomsLike got it from) (this is a short version of the website and it doesn't always work, so I've attached the longer version below)
pls RT = please retweet (send it on)

I don't click on every single tweet that comes up, and I don't follow every single person that follows me. I don't know ThingsMomsLike, but she's a Mom from the US somewhere and tends to post some interesting thing. With tweetdeck I can click on the link and it shows me the long address, when I clicked on it and saw that it was another momblog, I thought that I would check it out. Sometimes it takes us a while to eat.

It's probably because Max is approaching 2, that I can relate. It brought tears to my eyes and a horrible feeling in my tummy. Yes, I am one of those crazy people that worries about what "could" happen to my son and I am so so so grateful that we are all healthy. I also know that could change in an instant.

Why do I write about this? I don't actually know any of these people... but I do believe in karma and I do believe that if anything were to ever happen to Max, I would reach out to the people that I "tweet" with and "facebook" with and who read my blog. It may seem strange to some people, but as impersonal as it may seem, these are people that I tweet with regularly and I quite often have more contact with them than I do with a lot of our family. If there is even just one person out there that clicks on the link because of my blog, my tweet or my facebook status, then I feel like I have done something to help.

So please, click on the link (or don't), but definitely pass it on, blog about it, tweet about it, link it on your facebook page or your webpage. Please do any of it to help a fellow mom who is going through unimaginable things right now.

I started out this blog by implying that it isn't about my Life with Max. This is very much about my Life with Max, I would have retweeted this before I had Max (IF there had been Twitter and I had been Twitter-ing), but I don't think I would have had contact with the people I do if it wasn't for Max.

Spend some time today thinking about what you're grateful for and don't forget to tell your loved ones that you love them!

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