Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

My second Mother's day... and it was beautiful! Although the morning started off a little early, Ross got up with Max and we all had breakfast together. I wish I had a picture of Max giving me 1/2 of my mother's day present and then running off with the other half. He was so cute.

We were then off for a little walk to the park!
Max and I played on the swings.

and he played on the slide with Dad.
and then, more swinging.

and then a leisurely stroll home.

We spent the afternoon gardening at Grandma's and I was too busy pulling weeds and getting dirty to take any pictures. It was too bad, Max walked up the stairs, one at a time without crawling and I missed it! I'll have to get a picture sometime soon, one day when I'm not holding on to his hands!

We got sushi from this FABULOUS new place on east 2nd St. Saru Sushi They've only been open since May 1st and they aren't usually open on Sunday's, but decided to try it for Mother's Day. I'm so glad we found out, it meant I didn't have to cook (which I probably wouldn't have had to) and I definitely didn't have to clean up! Even better!


Max wanted to eat the lemon, so Dad peeled it for him.

and this is lemon face... heeheehee, so funny.
The part that was even more funny, was that Max continued to eat the lemon and make lemon face...

and then he wanted soup.

"Yummy, yummy soup."

Grandpa has been bugging me, saying Max looks like one of the Beatles. So, we finally decided to cut Max's hair. You'd think I would have learned after last time... but apparently not.

This is the view of the side that I started with. I didn't realize the guard was so low on the clippers. Oops. Dad fixed it, now it's all pretty short, but this is the shortest and most bizarre looking part.
This is the good side, that Dad did, well, it was long enough that he could fi it and make it even.

Short-hair boy!
and only one little problem... Dad tried to cut off Max's ear. It's a good thing this happened later, I thought that the clippers wouldn't do that and now that I know, I'm not sure we are going to be using the clippers again.

What a fabulous Mother's Day! I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful day with my family.

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