Sunday, May 17, 2009

May long weekend

I know the weekend is not over yet, but I wanted to post about some of our fun while I had the time to wait for the pictures to load. They seem to take forever some times and I'm multi-tasking while watching a weird Keanu Reeves movie with Ross. Heehee, happy birthday Ross! I know it was 2 days ago, but this is the first night we have gotten a chance to sit down. We had a great dinner together, all 3 of us and Max ate 1/2 a hamburger (in a whole grain pita pocket) all by himself! It was great fun. Ross and I are working on plans to do a dinner & movie date when the new Terminator movie comes out. Should be fun!

Friday night I had a lacrosse game (that was the night of Ross's actual birthday), so I was out until late, but I brought home a big watermelon for him (it's what he wanted) and it was on top of the birthday gift that Max and I got him earlier in the day.

It is the season of Farmer's Markets! They opened last weekend and we did not have time to go, so Max and I drove out to Trout Lake for the 9am start. Well, we tried to make it for the 9 am start. Unfortunately, there was no parking, so we ended up a little bit late... more like 910am and it was busy! I think in the future we will probably park around the lake and go for a little walk before we go. Oh yeah, and take the Ergo Carrier, that would be a great idea too. It's so busy with people and dogs that Max was a little overwhelmed to walk on his own. Of course, no pictures, with just the two of us. We did a whole lot of errands while we let Dad sleep in (another late birthday present), Freybe and then came home to find out that Dad was awake. A nice quick walk to the Lonsdale Quay famer's market with Dad for vegetables!

1, 2, 3, jump! One of Max's favourite things to do while walking.

A late afternoon walk at Ambleside, what a gorgeous day!

I wanted a picture of the Lions Gate Brige and Stanley Park in the background, so I got a few. I don't think anything Max is wearing matches, except for his cool shorts that Grandma & Grandpa brought back from Hawaii and his cool flip flops. I try to make sure he sort of matches, most of the time, but today, his dad dressed him (heehee). Poor Max.

"Cheese", on the swings. Oh yeah, I had to switch his hat to a smaller one, the other one kept blowing off in the wind. This one has red lobsters on it and also, doesn't match at all - sorry Max.

and nearing the end of our walk, Max's preferred mode of transportation - Dad's shoulders.

We got home to get dinner ready and Max disappeared. I was cutting up vegetables and he came out with his big bear. So cute!

and then it became a game for mum to get a picture.

Max likes to move a chair over to the counter so that he can play beside me while I prepare food or clean up. Today, he was getting a chair for a different reason...

What a fun day, I wanted to post some pictures of it. I'm not sure what we'll get up to for Monday, but hopefully I'll get some fun pictures to post.

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