Friday, April 17, 2009

Another fun day!

While Grandma & Grandpa are off enjoying the sun in Hawaii, we are stuck at home amusing ourselves. Unfortunately I didn't think to take any pictures while Auntie Liss & Brandon were over at our house visiting. It was a good visit, but Brandon had to leave to go nap shortly after Max got up and ate, so we went for an afternoon stroll on our own.

Deja vu on the pictures... Max is pretty independent and takes off, leading the way, whenever I let him. So, I get a lot of pictures of his back. But I really took these because I LOVE this outfit (and I think everything actually matches today). This is the sweater that Grandma knit, it has a matching touque (but it's way too warm for that today, in fact it's probably too warm for the sweater too). The navy cords still fit so far, but Max is growing so quickly, that they won't fit for much longer and/or the weather may be too warm for them.

I know, the next couple are the same, but he's so cute!

Oh yeah, here's what happens when Mum doesn't pay attention to what Max is actually doing while I'm trying to take his picture. I was able to put the top of the light back on... thank goodness.

This is the route we take to the park. We cut through the side of an apartment building so that Max can walk up the stairs with my help. These stairs are considerably shorter than normal, so he can actually step up them one-by-one instead of crawling up them on his hands and knees (provided I am holding his hands).

Since we spent such a long time walking and playing outside, we didn't plan or make anything in particular for dinner, so Dad decided that we were going to go out. Yay Dad! Vietnamese for dinner, mmm, so yummy! We often get take-out from this place, and Max usually really likes the food, so we thought it would be a safe bet for him to actually eat dinner. He's been teething the last few days, so I wasn't expecting him to eat much today but he surprised me by eating all of his cereal and 2 eggs for breakfast... all in about 10 minutes! Record time for him, breakfast is usually about 10-15 minutes with just cereal. Maybe we're going through another growth spurt.

We couldn't help but laugh at Max sticking his tongue out in anticipation.

Max really wanted water, which we gave him, but then he realized that I was drinking out of a different cup and he wanted some of my water. We explained that it was tea. To which he replied (signed) "more, please"! We asked if he wanted more water and he replied "tea", "tea, please". Hehehehe. Of course I let him try it.

Tea with dinner? Yup... oh boy... that's probably not a good-mum thing to do.

Bed time math equations.
Not really, this is Max climbing up on the stool after I told him not to.

and this is Max NOT falling off the stool. So far so good. I think I rescued him, I don't think we've practiced coming down from the stool enough times for him to remember how to get down, especially at the end of a really long day.

I'm going to cut this a little short, I have to get some things ready for work Saturday morning and I wouldn't mind actually watching some of Game 2. Canucks are up 1-0 at the end of the second period, yay!


Veronica Lee said...

Love those pics.
Hi, I'm visting from MBC. Great blog.

Amanda said...

Thanks Veronica!