Monday, April 6, 2009

Peas for dinner

So we tried a whole lot of stuff for dinner. The first few things didn't go over so well (you can see them sitting in the orange divided dish on the table): cauliflower, pulled pork tenderloin, potatoe and tofu curry. These are all things that he ate at lunch and/or the day before.

So, we moved on to the peas...
and Max finally gave up on the spoon.

Notice the peas all over the table too. I should have taken a picture of the floor.

All done?

No Max, there are still a lot of peas left in the dish and I need to clean up the floor!

All done? All done?

The whole eating thing is a work in progress and I'm sure it always will be. Some days are amazing and easy - as far as meal times go. Other days are difficult... Imagine:

Mom: Max, we should eat something.
Max: Trucks?
Mom: No Max, you need to eat something, you can play with your trucks after we eat something. Let's go take a look at what we have.
Max: No.
Mom: How about we go play hockey in the kitchen, and while we're there, we'll take a look at what's in the fridge?
Max: Hockey?
Mom: Yes Max, hockey. Get a ball and we'll take the sticks into the kitchen.
Max: Ball?
Mom: Yay, here's a ball, let's go!
Once in the kitchen...
Mom: macaroni?
Max: No.
Mom: Beans?
Max: No.
Mom: Cheese? Mmmm, yummy cheese!
Max: Yup!
Mom: Really? Cheese?! Here's some cheese Max!
he eats a piece and then...
More cheese Max?
Max: No. Nana?
Mom: Banana?
Max: Nana!
Mom: Whew, we have some. Here's some banana.

I'm sure you can imagine... it goes on and on from here. A lot of the time I can be seen stuffing spoonfuls of food into Max's mouth as he runs by or plays. Most regularly at the aquarium on Wednesday's and at Grandma & Grandpa's on Friday's.

I imagine it's not the best habit to teach him, but any other way and Max could care less if he eats most days. He honestly doesn't want to eat a lot of the time and it would not bother him a bit if we forgot a meal.

I guess I can relate... Anyone who knows me (before I was pregnant) know that I'm the exact same way. Poor Max! He's probably got his dad's super fast metabolism and his mom's really lame appetite. Occasionally he goes through a growth spurt and asks for all kinds of food and we wonder where he fits it all.

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