Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poppa & Oma's visit

I'm horrible with remembering to take pictures, so here's a few that I got on our last visit with Poppa & Oma.

Max and I spent the morning at the Aquarium with them and had a great time! Unfortunately, the only picture I have, is of a sea otter, basking in the sun. So, I won't post that here.

We were set to meet for dinner at the Boathouse and they were running a little late (and we were a little early, believe it or not!). So, we decided to take a walk on the pier. Max decided to go back towards all the noises he was hearing from the truck back where we started.

"Bye, bye!"

It was such a beautiful day, and I so rarely get decent pictures of Max.

"Water! Water?"
"Yes Max, that's water, but you can't go in there, please."
We also decided that Ross would jump in after him if he somehow did get through there (I am a huge fan of planning for it, as a prevention strategy - Murphy's Law, you know!).

Poppa playing with Max at dinner.

And another one of Poppa & Max...

Max has not been feeling well. He has not been eating much for the last 4 days, so it was so nice to see him laughing, having fun, and yes, eating. He ate lobster, clams, mussels, halibut, chicken and gnocci. In fact, he ate more than he has eaten in the past 4 days all together!

I am hoping this is a sign that he is getting better, since we're supposed to be going away tomorrow. He was happy, singing and laughing and having fun and most importantly, eating. Yay!

Ross and I are going away for a couple of days for a friends wedding in Las Vegas, so we're leaving Max with Grandma & Grandpa (the first time I've ever been away from him over night). Hopefully I'll have something interesting to post soon.

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