Friday, March 27, 2009

Leaving Max for the first time

So, we left Max for the first time... both of us at the same time. Max stayed with Grandma & Grandpa. We went to Vegas for Jessica's wedding (her and Jason are above). Here's what we did when we got back: Jumping on the ball with Dad, yay!

and rolling... so fun. I missed this!

Vegas was not the most fun. It smells, it's smoky and it's busy. We got in late on Thursday night and wandered around a little to check out where we would be going the next day. I could not believe the number of people we saw walking around with little kids after midnight! I was really glad that we didn't bring Max, it really isn't a place for kids. I can't believe how many parents, kids and family's there are walking around Vegas. It's definitely not my idea of a family vacation.

I think the highlight of our trip was seeing the Cirque de Soleil show Ka at the MGM. Wow, was it ever spectacular! I think it's probably one of the only reasons I would ever go back to Vegas, to see the other Cirque shows... There are people running in each of those rings: in them, on them, around them. The hugest and most elaborate stage setting I have ever seen, I don't think there is a bad seat in the house, although Ross got us the best seats there were! Fabulous seats and a fabulous show, it was incredible.

All that being said, four days was a little bit too long for my first trip away from Max and a little bit too long for Vegas... for me. It made me really glad to be home.

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