Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A new day at the Aquarium!

We go to the Aquarium most Wednesday's, but today we had to stop and pick up something on our way. We met a very nice lady that gave Max a toy truck, so he had something very entertaining to play with on the ride to the Aquarium. Maybe that is why he was having such an active and adventurous day at the Aquarium. It was a little different from our usual tour. He is so much more comfortable there and knew where he was going. I keep meaning to get a video of him walking - he walks with such determination. I love it! Everyone stops to ask how old he is and tell me how cute he is, as I'm running after him and trying to snap the occasional picture.

On to the pictures (this may be the most pictures I upload again, it takes forever on here).

This was actually our second stop at the Aquarium... after the Amazon. Max was running everywhere today! "Up pees, up pees..."

"Down pees, Down pees..."

and we're off! On our way to Clownfish Cove...

oh wait, there's a lot of people here. I wonder where they're going? Maybe I should follow them instead of going to Clownfish Cove?

Nah, we'll go to the usual place.

"Fish, fish, look mom, there's fish".

"plants?" Apparently today is the day that Max is pointing and naming EVERYTHING he can find.


"more fish?"

Hey, there's someone on the other side of this. Hello? Hello! Hello?

Where is everyone?

All this, BEFORE all the fun of the family music program at 10:30 am, which involved the largest group of kids and parents I've seen yet and of course our friends, Auntie Liss, Brandon, Jen (Nerf), Sadie and Ryoko. We had so much fun listening to the music and playing with the musical instruments today. There were too many people for me to get any pictures, Max was situated on my lap or holding my hand, leg or anything he could to stay close.

I'm trying to make sure I get pictures and/or at least get things written in here, so we can always take a look back at some of this stuff. I love you Max!

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