Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Finally, I am starting to become more patient!

Anyone that knows me may be used to my 100 mile a minute pace. Always an appointment to get to, a class to teach, a client to meet, a program to do, a mess to clean up, a hike, snowshoe, walk, run or workout to do. Typical type A.

Having Max was like going from 100 kilometers an hour to a crawl in 5 seconds. I knew it had to happen and tried so hard to "go with it" and be felxible and patient, but it has definitely taken some getting used to. I am learning and getting better and I hope that never changes!

So, my "aha" moment came yesterday. I was on my way home with Max, he had been at daycare while I had been getting some work done. In my head I was thinking of the tidying, cleaning and preparation that needed to be done when we got home... but as we got in the door, Max raced over, with his coat and boots still on and grabbed a book and held it up to me.

I think Max may have learned too. There is not a lot that will keep me from sitting down wherever I am when he does that, let him curl up in my lap and read the story again and again and again and again (you get the idea). So of course, nothing got done, until Max's dad came home and we worked on dinner while entertaining Max in between books. The kitchen can be cleaned later on (after bed), and house can be tidy-ed later on too. It is so much fun to sit with Max and let him turn pages as we read through the stories. Way more fun than cleaning up and cooking! Heehee, so have I learned patience or to procrastinate?

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