Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spring Football at Handsworth

It is that time of year again... time to dust off the helmet's and pad's and get ready to play some football. Wow, was it ever hot this year! Last year was Max's second spring camp. He was not walking yet, so he did not have nearly as much fun as this year. The first day was spent clinging to mum and barely talking. I think the only time I've ever heard him that quiet, for that long, while he's been awake (wonder where he gets that from? heehee).

I think this was day 3 or 4, I should have kept better track. It's tough for me to do as much with the camp now that I'm chasing Max around, so very little "coaching" for me. It was a good camp as far as training went, I think I had to give someone a bandaid once... otherwise, no major (or minor) injuries. The grade 8's had too much sun on day 1 or day 2, so there were a few kids that were pretty tuckered out, but otherwise mostly fun in the sun.

Just running around, looking for the helmets. I have no idea why Max is obsessed with helmets, but he loves them: looking at them, pointing them out, trying to put them on (if he can lift them)

This is Max's "football face"... you better take him seriously, or lookout!

Just some fun shots of Max

He would be really quiet when the boys were right up close to him and as they were leaving he would start talking to them. He's a pretty tough guy, heeheehee.

"helmet?! Mom, helmet!". We're off to get to it, or get the ball, I'm not sure which it was at this point.

Coach Jay Prepchuck in the background.

Future coach?

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