Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meal times

Just wanted to post a few fun pictures of our meal times lately. They have been getting better and better. Well, until tonight when Max would only eat one small bit of scrambled egg and some corn, after A LOT of negotiating, since he did not want to eat the really really nice halibut or soy beans we were having for dinner.

Dinner at the Keg was full of a lot of hugs and cuddles for Dad:

Max's favourite drink, water.

This is Max's "kids meal". He got to start with some raw veggies, then 2 mini burgers and cooked veggies for dinner.

Dad, helping Max with dinner

Max loves dipping. He doesn't always understand that you're supposed to eat the veggies after you dip it, not just lick off the dip and then dip it again. Look out if we're ever visiting. I try to catch him before he does it... hehehe.

MMMMmmm, a nice Mondavi Chardonnay. I miss really good wine. This isn't the best wine I've had, but I really can't bring myself to open a nice bottle at home to have just one glass.

I had to take a picture. Warm almond crusted goat cheese... so yummy. Oh yeah, there's also a tomato bruschetta there.

Another dinner. Meal times work best if we have some distractions. Tupperware snack cups are great, Max likes to rearrange everything and group his food into each cup.

more "cleaning up"

I think this meal was pomegranite, cucumber, corn and sausage.

I had to take a picture. Max was playing with his cars on the counter beside Dad, while Dad was making dinner. Lucky for Dad, he had already used the yellow pepper before Max grabbed it and took a bite!

"oh no!" I'm not sure why, but Max says this a lot...

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