Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Going to the parade.

The first parade was Lynn Valley Day. It started a little later, so we had some time before they closed the road to find parking at the mall and wander a little (I definitely needed more cough syrup) and I wanted to get some healthy snacks for Max (raisins & some of those great organic brown rice crackers with nothing added - I think Heinz makes them). We found a great spot on the corner where we could see the parade without anyone in our way.

This is where Max started watching the parade. We re-applied sunscreen (it was hot and sunny).

This is where Max ended up watching most of the parade from (after a particularly loud float):

and one of his more favourite parts:

A couple of weeks later, we made it to the Height's Hat's Off Day parade in Burnaby. I'm sure the merchants were slightly disappointed with the weather, it wasn't a sunny day. I LOVED it. No need to re-apply sunscreen and no rain. It was perfect. Jess came with us and we went out bright and early (830am, ugh), found parking and started the trek up Hastings. We settled in front of Cafe Artigiano (convenient, considering it is my FAVOURITE place to get coffee). It was a long wait, but well worth it. The first 2 drill teams came through and did a demonstration block-by-block.

Jess (thanks for getting up so bright and early)

The American drill team was particularly impressive. I wish I was a better photographer, or had a better camera so I could get some better pictures.

As the day went on, it warmed up and we decided to have a porch bbq with friends (Eyola, Daniel & Jess). More to celebrate the fact that our deck was cleaned and cleared off enough that we could (thanks Daniel!).

Jess relaxing after dinner!

Max wearing Eyola's sunglasses, isn't he cute?

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