Thursday, January 22, 2009

So tired...

Thank goodness I'm the only one in the house that has been sick all week.

Poor Max... heehee, well, not really. Instead of going to daycare on Monday, he got to stay home with Mummy. Even if I spent the whole day feeling (and probably looking) like death on the couch. Even if I could barely feed him lunch, without getting sick. I can't remember the last time I was this sick. It was nice to nap with Max on the couch for a bit, he is like a little heater, I was actually warm for 30 minutes before I realized that he was sweating. He gets so hot when he sleeps. It's so cute, but I imagine it's not so comfortable when he gets all sweaty.

I was on the couch until 3pm on Monday and then promptly went to bed as soon as Ross got home from work. I tried to sleep through the night, but was so cold, I couldn't. I spent all day Tuesday in bed. Max did go to daycare, which is probably good, as I don't think he would have gotten to eat otherwise.

It is now Thursday night and I'm still exhausted, but hopefully I will get a good night's sleep and feel better tomorrow. I'm also hoping that Max and Ross don't get whatever virus I had... it sucks.

Friday is swim day!

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