Thursday, November 27, 2008

Starting out

Well, I'm trying this blog thing... I'm not a writer, but I'm going to give it a shot. Mostly, I'm thinking it will be nice to keep family and friends up to date. It is most definitely a work in progress.

I am hoping to add some pictures, I took some video of Max dancing last night. At least I think that's what he was doing. I've been dancing with him in the evenings to a Dinah Washington cd and last night as it was playing he started walking/running/crawling in circles and occasionally waving his arms. It was so cute!

I'm reminded that, as an adult, I feel a need to label things (and people), by what I have learned and experienced. What they are, what they do. How limiting that can be! It was beautiful to just watch Max "be" whatever and do whatever he wanted with no barriers and he was having so much fun. What a wonderful opportunity I have been given to be able to experience the world with Max for the first time!

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